Meet Bob Hollister

Bob was born and raised here in Lancaster County. He attended Millersville University to earn a teaching degree, taught, and then moved into educational administration for the balance of his career. He retired in January 2022 from Eastern Lancaster County School District (ELANCO) where he served nearly 14 years as superintendent. He recently embarked on a campaign bid for the United States House of Representatives. Bob and his wife, Jennifer, live in East Lampeter Township with their two teenage daughters and their dog, Hazel.

Bob's Vision for
Lancaster County

“Indeed, there is much to celebrate about Lancaster County, but there is also much to do to ensure that all can equally share in the bounty of Lancaster County. We must give our marginalized community members a legitimate opportunity to thrive, contribute, and benefit from all the county offers; but currently too many of them do not. People here aren’t looking for a free pass, they are looking for a fair deal. That’s where County Government can even the playing field by first establishing trust through transparency, and then commit to transformational acts. We can be even better!”

Removing Barriers,
Building Relationships

Known as a problem-solver, Bob has shown the ability to bring opposing sides together to find solutions. Placing party lines aside, he listens to all and makes fair, pragmatic, and commonsense decisions. As our next county commissioner, Bob will meet regularly with municipal officials, school boards, non-profits, and business organizations to listen to concerns, discuss solutions, and form strong collaborative and transparent partnerships. 

Support Bob's Vision for Lancaster County

As Our County Commissioner, Bob Will:

  • Work to ensure that County Government is established on relationships.

  • See that the new county prison is cost-effective, and its facilities emphasize mental health services, rehabilitation, and humane treatment of prisoners with a target of zero recidivism. Bob opposes the use of privately owned or privately operated prisons.  

  • Support the creation of a Lancaster County Health Department with an emphasis on providing preventative mental health services with special attention focused on youth.

  • Use the County’s Places2040 comprehensive plan as a guide for smart sustainable growth.  

  • Lobby our state legislators to support municipal tax reform to reduce the burden of inequitable local property taxes.

  • Work relentlessly to ensure the ease and sanctity of the vote, including rapid and accurate processing, tabulation, and access to the ballot box.

  • Ensure that state and federal aid is equitably distributed throughout the County with proper structure and oversight.  

  • Consolidate county administrative functions where possible.

  • Work to find new ways to increase interoperability between and among the county and local public safety agencies and municipal governments and increase service to Lancaster County residents in a fiscally responsible manner.  


Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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